Friday, November 20, 2009

Blankeys & Uneven Kilns...

This week I said goodbye to 2 well-loved blankeys I made for a few expecting friends. (I tried to hold off on posting until I knew they were received, as not to spoil the surprise!) Green was for Phil & Nicole, teal for Mark & Jenn. General consensus at work is that the green one was the new favorite of all I have made. Personally I enjoyed making both & though they are the same pattern, they are slightly different. My students think I'm nuts for having that much patience but then again some of their attention spans are like a small puppy. The green blanket turned out larger than expected but not a problem! I love knitting... but I've got 2 more blankets to go before March and I need to figure out another pattern.

I also had to deal with one bitch of a kiln this past week. It made me feel frustrated, stupid, and incapable. I took many pictures and sent them to a college friend, Jared Ward who is trying to take a look at it for me. I did try a few things after talking to another friend whom formerly fired this kiln many times. I vacuumed out the whole thing and stacked the load more open in the bottom. Today I took another go at a cone 10 firing only to be disappointed. The kiln fired uneven again, surprise, with 10 flat on bottom & 9 bending on top. Yep. Fantastical. I refuse to attempt to fire my own work in this beast until it's even! Anytime I close the damper even a little there's SO MUCH reduction, like flames shooting out the kiln. Same thing happens with increasing the air. It hates me. Period.
Pictured above is my crappy ass pyrometer that doesn't work even a bit. Guess I'll have to call in the professionals to check out this thing.


  1. good luck! I also think it is best that you don't fire your work in this guy until it is fixed... if you do, it won't be pretty!!

  2. Sorry you are having such a hard time with this: it sounds like my Days at Evergreen, except that I had NO IDEA what I was doing and never got that kiln to fire correctly:( I am sure you will have better luck:)

  3. If I told you I was pregnant, would I get an blanket, too? Will you please teach me how to knit, or send me in the direction of a book that is easy to understand? This would be the perfect thing to do during a winter in Alaska!

  4. totally. maybe i can make you a little video over break! lol