Sunday, November 1, 2009

11hrs never felt so short...

Long time, no posting. I guess I haven't updated because...
1. I was sick and missed like 2 weeks of making
2. I'm a sucker for superstition and haven't had any good pics of what I've accomplished.
3. ...super busy? Or at least lazy. You decide.

For the past month+ I've been attempting to keep track of my "studio" time. I felt pretty good about putting in 10-12 hrs/wk until I read someone's blog and realized they were putting in 30+, but they teach college & have their own studio space so whatever!

Anyway, the past few weeks I keep forgetting to record my daily hrs so it looks more like 6 or so. Which I feel is kind of lame. BUT I have accomplished several things lately...
- "NEW" big pot! (remake of the one that died)
- roughly 20 cups based on some sketches... not sure if they have the "sketchy" quality I wanted...
- currently working on 4 teapots (detailing now)
- about 20 glaze tests made, 20 more in the process.

I never realized how difficult it would be to make work after school and how hard it is to drag my butt in there on Saturdays... but it sucks. These teapots are a major time suck right
now because I've never worked with porcelain. So far they're pretty interesting. Not exactly what I sketched but pretty darn close.

What I should be working on in the next few weeks
- Firing our gas kiln so I can get these tiles tested!!
- Working with glaze results *fingers crossed*
- Making 3-4 more large pots.

As of now my tentative show is still set for Dec 1st. With 1 month to go I'm very concerned that I'm not going to cut it in time. This next week will be pretty hectic. If not much gets accomplished, the show will probably be postponed until sometime in the Spring. But then again, maybe it would be for the best? More work to choose from = better work to show! :-D


  1. Porcelin Teapots?!! holy crap, I want one.

  2. I like your carving. I also do things like that on my teapots. I like to cover with engobe and then carve also. they are very special pieces.