Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life post-show

Well if you've been attempting to follow my blog you're probably pretty bummed. After my show in June I pretty much hit a wall of exhaustion. I decided not to make any new art over the summer & focus on gaining credits for work. I pretty much busted my butt all year and needed a little clay break.

Good news is that I'm headed back to work (school) and will be back in the studio. I increased my ceramics classes & gained a section for 1st semester. This is totally awesome but I'm terrified at the same time! Where are we going to store all this extra work!? Where will I store my work
!? I think I'm gonna go back to my rubbermaid damp boxes and cram more kids on shelves. Whatever. We'll deal. Plus we're getting a new kickass electric kiln in about a month. Which should be fun to collect work until we can fire it!

While you're waiting to see new work... here's some shots of the work I had in my solo show Littletinydots&BIGclaypots ! I'm not a great slide-taker and they turned out darker than expected. Nothing that a little photoshop probably couldn't fix though! Enjoy :-)

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